<h5>Leiden University – MSc., Media Technology, Computer Technology</h5>
<h6>2004 – 2007 | Leiden</h6>
One of only 25 candidates selected by the programme’s Applications Committee to take part in this Master Programme. The programme has prepared me for any future career involving creative and critical thinking, and in particular prepare for a future in scientific research. The graduation from the programme has awarded me the Master of Science (MSc) diploma from Leiden University. Alumni hold positions ranging from PhD researcher to creative entrepreneur.

Activities and Societies:
Keywords throughout the programme are creativity, technology and scientific research. The programme’s goal is to stimulate innovation and creativity in scientific research by innovative application of technology. One might say that Media Technology delivers autonomous scientists, just as art academies deliver autonomous artists.

<h5>De Haagse Hogeschool / The Hague University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor, Communication and Multimedia Design</h5>
<h6>2000 – 2004 | The Hague Area</h6>

Activities and Societies:
The discipline of this study is “design of interaction”. The focus of this discipline is usability. Development of user-friendly software and user interfaces are central subjects of this course.

<h5>Crabeth College – Intermediate vocational education, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering</h5>
<h6>1996 – 2000 | Gouda Area</h6>
Activities and Societies:
Analogue and Digital Communication

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